Monday, May 04, 2009

History Detectives

I'm addicted to the Public Broadcasting show History Detectives. I watch it at noon while I eat my lunch. The bad thing, is the fact it sparks so many new ideas for stories! Besides triggering ideas for stories I like how the experts on the program show you all the ways they go through finding historical information. Granted they have an in most places and it would probably cost us money to get some of the answers they get, but by and large they get a lot of information from public places that anyone can use, they just know the right places to look. I think that's key in any research. Knowing where you need to look.

While I was in Burns last week, I needed information and was skeptical the small library would have the answers, but I managed to glean all the info I needed from the books they had. It took some reading and sifting, but a couple hours later I walked out with the days and times railroads left Salem and Portland in 1888 and Pullman cars and dining cars were in use at that time. Though I'm still a little shaky on whether the dining cars were for sure because they also mention the eating stops. I need to e-mail the railroad historian I found out about through the Baker City library.

What is your favorite means of gathering information? Writer to non-writer.

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PSS: I'm in Princeton again this week, so my blog will be hit and miss unless the weather cooperates and I get a good internet connection.

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