Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Faves

Slow today. Had my RWA Chapter meeting last night which put me home at midnight and of course I couldn't go to sleep because I kept thinking of all the things I need to get done today, and we brainstormed one of my next projects which had me what-iffing all the way home and not able to sleep.

The first fave this week- a Top Reviewer Pick from Night Owl Romance. This what the revier had to say:

"Miner in Petticoats is rich in character and setting and reading it feels a bit like taking a walk through a history museum. I've read a lot of American historical fiction and felt this story was well-researched.

The set up was interesting and believable and the conflict was strong. I felt there was good character development and enjoyed the children's characters."

Then a fellow western author asked me to take her spot on the Petticoats and Pistols blog while she attends her daughter's wedding. Way cool!

And I was officially accepted into the Women Writing the West Group.

Oh and I think (fingers crossed my CP likes it) I finally finished Doctor in Petticoats and will get that sent off to my editor in the next day or two.

And I'm blogging at Seduced by History today so stop by and find out about making beds and doing laundry.

So how was your week? What was a fave of yours?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

That happens to me almost every Wednesday night after our critique meeting--so busy thinking about writing and what-ifing that I can't drift off.

Awesome review on MIP--but then I'm not surprised. Ethan and Aileen are absolutely electric together!