Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Faves

My first fave this week is getting home two days early from irrigating! YAY! Only had to water the new seeding. Until next Wednesday.

Doctor in Petticoats is now officially polished and ready to ship off to my editor.

With all my driving, I borrowed the set of RWA 2008 conference cd's from my chapter library and I've been listening to some awesome workshops and gleaning information to hopefully take my writing to another level. I've incorporated a couple things into the ms heading to the editor and to a couple of WIPs I'm working on. If you are a member of RWA and your chapter has these cd's I strongly encourage you to listen to them. I'm even listening to workshops I wouldn't normally be interested in and I've had a couple of things strike a chord with me.

And I'll leave you with a recipe my CP sent me:

1 elephant (medium size)
2 rabbits (optional)
salt & pepper to taste
Cut elephant into small bite-sized pieces, (it takes about 2 months). Add enough water to cover. Cook over fire for 4 weeks at 450 degrees. This will serve about 3,800. If more are expected the 2 rabbits may be added, but do this only if necessary since most people don't like hare in their stew.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I'm having a special post by Laura Hogg!


Helen said...

Very cute recipe. After seeing the pic of the momma and baby elephant, then seeing the title of the recipe, I thought, nooooo! But it was funny.

Straight From Hel

Paty Jager said...

I thought the recipe was funny! I just thought, I have a photo of an elephant from when the daughter and grandkids went to the zoo. LOL