Saturday, August 01, 2009

Special Saturday Edition- Laura Hogg

Because our computers weren't talking to one another the week before Laura's spotlight was scheduled to be on my Wednesday Promo Blog I'm inserting her info today. So enjoy learning about Laura.

Laura lives in Colorado and has two novels published with The Wild Rose Press, as well as a couple of short stories with them. Her historical novel, The 12th Kiss, is out with Wings ePress. Her paranormal novella, Double Vision, is available with Aspen Mountain Press, and she has various shorter works coming out with other epublishers.

When did you realize you wanted to write romance? I started it informally when i was in my twenties. It wasn't until my mid-thirties that i decided to try to get published.

What is your favorite thing about writing? Creative expression and research. And your least favorite? That's a tough one. I'm not sure.

Do you use life experiences to spring board story ideas? Sometimes, but not often.

Blurb for Copacetic out with The Wild Rose Press
Claire is a woman searching for true love yet at the same time, craves strength and freedom of expression in the year 1924. She is in serious danger from her boyfriend and must in the end, save herself.

23 Pages Sweet


He ripped his hand from her wrist. “Then you’ll be trading that white dress for a black one.” He took a step away.


“Claire?” With a spin on his heels, his gaze met hers.

“You win.”

“Reject him at the altar.”

“What?” It came out choked.

“You heard me.” He smirked.

Through dizziness and a sick stomach, she considered him, wearing his expensive dark suit, tall, stocky with black hair and keen dark eyes.

I once thought you were the most handsome man I had ever seen. I thought you were brilliant, intelligent, charmingly tough…would protect me from all harm.

“What a sap,” she called herself, muttering under her breath and nodded.

“My man will be watching.” He strode away, out of the courtyard, down a narrow path between buildings, and out of sight.


“Do you, Claire Hamilton, take this man to be your wedded husband?”

His face, oh, lord, his face. He is stunning in his love for me.

She coughed in an attempt to banish that stupid lump in her throat. It didn’t work, but it kept the tears at bay. Her heart reached out to him, swearing her love. Her eyes turned cold, and her trembling lips muttered, “No.”

He frowned. “What?” He leaned closer and took her hand. “Claire?"

Her chin came up in false pride. “No. You’re not rich enough for me. I’m going back to Stanley.”

Many people gasped. Brian squeezed her upper arms.

“You don’t mean that!”

“I do. Besides, you’re a wet blanket, a kill joy. No fun, mister.”

He released her arms as if they burned his hands. Margaret ran to her.

“Claire, are you insane?”

Claire snapped her fingers and adopted a saucy pose. “No, a girl just wants to have a little fun, and this fella here,” she pointed to Brian using her thumb, and titled her head, “well, he’s not a hoofer. He don’t dance,” she said with a flirty voice, much like the flappers she knew.

“You might have informed me of your madness sooner!” Brian strode angrily down the aisle and shoved open the large wooden doors, exiting them as Claire’s heart crashed in her chest.


Margaret Tanner said...

Wow Laura,
Now that is drama. I love it.


Lauri said...

Goodness, that excerpt made me want to know more!

Congrats on your success, Laura!

Jennifer Ross said...

That's a great excerpt!

Susan Macatee said...

Great emotion in that scene, Laura!

Love your choice of time period too!

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thank you, Paty, so much for having me here, and thank you Margaret, Lauri, Jennifer, and Susan for your comments. If was fun researching the 1920s. What an era! -Laura

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and wish you the best!
Love ya,