Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Faves- and Personality type 3

First off- I was offered a contract for the first book of my Native American paranormal trilogy. Spirit of the Mountain will be published in the Faery Rose (paranormal) line at The Wild Rose Press. As it is historically correct in all but the spirit aspect I'm hoping I can get some cross over readers. It is a book I wrote several years ago with the trilogy in mind. I had an agent tell me it was a good read but no large publisher would publish it because the Native American element wasn't a big seller. I would love be the ground breaker into this sub-genre. We'll see what happens.

Now as promised the Third personality type from Ennea grams and Laurie Schnebly Campbell.

Type Three is the Achiever, the Succeeder, the Performer—these people are very aware of the right image. They're always onstage, projecting whatever the situation requires. Success, career and achievement are important to matter what's going on around them, the Threes will look really, really good. They go around believing (and this is their motto), "The world values a champion...I must avoid failure." So you can imagine the internal conflict when you get a Type Three who's faced with the prospect of failure.
At their worst a Three will embody charm without substance, at their best they embody excellence with a heart. Oprah Winfrey might be a real-life Three; Jay Gatsby might be a fictional one. Threes are often the oldest or only child in their family, because the firstborn is almost always oriented toward being the best and performing the best—and that's what Threes do.

THREE's fatal flaw is Deception. These are the performers who put on a front for the world and for themselves in order to look just right. This person will have to overcome the habit of quit putting on a perfect face and discover his or her true self. Imagine the impact of someone coming to realize that his or her whole life has been a series of performances, of trying to be the best at whatever comes up, of doing whatever will present the best facade to the public—and for the first time actually looking at what's really inside him or herself. This is a great chance for the lover to help out, to help this person discover that they can be loved for themselves...that they don't need a perfect facade in front of everyone in the world. That's a wonderful road to a happy ending for the Three.

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