Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Faves

I'm late! Sorry!

My faves this week have been getting off the cruise ship. (Too many people and the motion sickness)
Seeing 2/3 of my grandchildren who all live in Alaska.
And finding out a writing friend received "The Call" from a publisher she has been wanting to acquire for some time.

Now for the next installment of the Enneagrams from Laurie Schnebly Campbell.
Type Six
Type Six is the Defender, the Trooper—these are the people who get the job done. They're very aware of any possible threat to their well-being or the people they love; they're very aware of the rules and determined to always keep them...or to always break them. (That's the counter-phobic Six, the James Dean rebel type.) Either way, Sixes are very loyal, steady, always on the lookout for danger, good to have on your side.
It's interesting that in America there are more Sixes and Threes than any other type. Threes are flashier, Sixes are more steady and the Six hero is probably more a beta than an alpha male. I remember a Nora Roberts book where the heroine thought the hero didn't love her because as a special present he gave her a set of tires for her car, and a wise observer pointed out that there was PROOF he loved her—he wanted to keep her safe.

SIX's fatal flaw is Fear. These are the defenders who are always aware of possible dangers and worrying about how to handle them. The Six will have to let go of fear and realize you can't always guarantee absolute security. You can imagine a character who lives in fear, right? Not so much a woman-in-jeopardy heroine, afraid of the dark baron up in the Gothic tower, but someone who's driven by the quest for security. It could be financial security, it could be emotional security, but whatever it is, this fear keeps them from living life to the fullest. And now here you have the lover offering a new kind of life...and the Six hesitating, afraid of taking any kind of risk. "What, jeopardize my comfortable life and the security of my heart to fall in love? I can't do that." But for the right love they CAN risk it, and when they do, it's wonderful to watch the payoff.

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