Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Faves

Woo Hoo! MY favorite thing this week is receiving the cover for my next Halsey Brother book. My editor suggested we needed a man on the cover to catch more attention when readers peruse the cover. So... TA DA here's the cover. What do you think? Will this capture reader's attention? And I like the idea of the man since this book is spicier than the last two.

Another fave is connecting with the ladies from the Dayville/Grant County writers group. They came over for the COWG(Central Oregon Writers Guild) meeting last night and we had dinner before. We chatted writing and a retreat they want to organize. They also asked me to come over and present a workshop in March. I like helping other writers so of course I said yes.

At the COWG meeting I had a chance to visit with two of my writing pals that I've not seen for a while, so it was a wonderful evening.

Yesterday I was stuck on a historical accuracy problem with my WIP. I e-mailed an acquaintance I made in an Eastern Oregon library who loves looking up my quirky questions and she got back to me with some great information that helped to move along the plot as well as answer my questions. You have to love research librarians!! They are the best! Thanks Diana!

Have a great Weekend!


Helen Hardt said...

Great cover!

Lauri said...

Nice cover! It certainly catches attention!

The meetings sound like great fun!

You have a great weekend too!

gtyyup said...

I definitely like the should catch a few eyes. ;~)