Monday, September 28, 2009

Keeping out of trouble- maybe!

I'm in Princeton as you read this. Yep, another irrigating long weekend. But that is good. It also means another long writing weekend! Nothing to do but write or go for walks in between changing the irrigation pipes. That is a great way to get writing done. It's kind of like my own little writer's retreat.

I'm waiting for edits to come back on the two contracted books- Doctor in Petticoats and Spirit of the Mountain. I'm still waiting to hear from the Yellow Rose editor if she likes the latest contemporary western I sent her. So there are lots of good things happening with books that will be coming out next year.

I'm currently half way on a Christmas novella and getting fidgety to finish my half of a dual effort with another author.

I'm also polishing up one workshop I'm giving in a couple weeks at a Writer's conference in Seattle and putting together a workshop I'm giving in November to a sister RWA chapter in Portland. So my plate is very full. And this past week I was asked to give a workshop for another writing group.

With the holidays and company coming, I want to make the most of every spare minute I have.

Are you getting in the holiday mood?


Helen Hardt said...

Am I getting in the holiday mood? I have to be honest -- no, LOL. Probably because I've been sick the past week and a half, but I do feel I'm finally on the mend. I have three more releases this year and I'm so busy, I can't even think about the holidays... But I do love them ;).

Lauri said...

Still watering? We might have frost tonight so I emptied the garden and canned.

Congrats on all the writing! You are a busy lady!

I'm still wondering what happened to summer...did I sleep through it?

Lia Slater said...

What a cute picture! Holidays? Already? Oy. :-)