Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Faves

Faves today- I'm slowly getting back into the co-author book and getting edits done on the contracted books. At the RWA meeting I attended this week we were talking about how it makes you feel when you read something you wrote and it makes you smile or gives you chills. I have to say the last four projects I've worked on - the two that are contracted and the two I'm working on I've had several of those moments when I've been rereading to either get back in the story or while doing edits. It is a heady feeling!

This is going slow because Tink is sitting on my lap and using my microbead wrist rest for a pillow. LOL I don't know what's up but ever since I went to the last conference and she went hunting with the dh she hasn't let me out of her sight for very long. I don't think she's a hunting dog.

My best fave this week is I'm meeting two of my writing friends tomorrow and we're spending the whole day just hanging out together. I met them through my RWA chapter and one has had family issues which has kept her from meetings and the other has taken a different writing path so it will be fun to catch up and hang out.

I believe I still have one more Enneagram to give you. So here it is. Type Nine of Laurie Schnebly Campbell's Enneagram workshop.

Type Nine is the Peacemaker, the Mediator. They want everyone to get along and everything to be nice. They don't like conflict; they don't like having to pick sides...even picking chocolate or vanilla. They tend to go along with the flow, whatever that might be, and instead of exploring their own preferences, they kick back with TV or food or whatever's comfortable. There's usually some anger back there, but it's completely denied. Nines are excellent at ignoring their own feelings.
They're the ones who'll be just kind of sitting back, letting everybody else flap around them. A few years ago there was a survey as to what types are most attractive to other types, and more women want to marry a Nine than any other type of man. (More men want to marry a Two.)

And finally, NINE's is Sloth...because these are the peacemakers who want to just sit back and have everything be nice and comfortable. This person is gonna have to give up the comfort of neutrality and make some kind of a stand. Here they've spent a lifetime taking things easy, not getting worked up one way or another, refusing to take action, refusing to get involved on either side of anything. Now here they're faced with having to come down on one side or another...they're gonna have to declare themselves: this is what I want, this is what I believe, this is who I am, take it or leave it. (And maybe in a romance they're worried that the lover will leave it.) They've never let that happen before, they've never put themselves in a position where they have to take a stand...but now they HAVE to take some kind of action, make a stand for something, and it'll open their eyes to a whole new way of living.

Next week I'll have the subtypes and then I'll have to find another craft issue to talk about. Any suggestions?

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