Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Dancing

I had a wonderful Saturday visiting with, walking through a park, and looking for treasures in an antique mall with two of my good writing friends. We spent the day talking writing, families, and life in general. If you don't do this once in a while I encourage you to. Even though I tend to be a hermit when it comes to hanging out with friends, it is something that always leaves me feeling good inside.

Another happy dance moment- I had a very nice fan e-mail in my inbox. She'd won one of my books in my monthly website contest and just found time to read it. She commented on the things she liked, and that she was definitely looking for the rest of my books. Her closing. "I am now a huge fan." That is the reason I write. To give others a feel good moment.

I'm looking forward to visiting with my cousin and attending a book signing in CA this Thursday. It should be a fun experience as the family grapevine said a couple of relatives I haven't seen in a while are planning to come.

The good vibes/feelings I wrapped around me over the weekend are carrying into my writing this week. The sisters story is coming along. Maggie's persistence is going to make Ty do something he may or may not regret. We'll see.

Have a great week!

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