Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Promo- Jenna Peterson

I'm pleased to promote Jenna Peterson's current release, What the Duke Desires.

Jenna Petersen is the award-winning author of historical romances and erotic historical romances (as Jess Michaels) for Avon and Avon Red. She is also well-known for her site for aspiring authors, The Passionate Pen, which gets nearly 200,000 hits per month. Her current releases are What the Duke Desires (November 2009) and Taboo (May 2009, w/a Jess Michaels).

What about the regency period attracts you to writing that genre?
I like the dichotomy of the time period. Scandal could ruin you and yet scandal was all around. There are so many rules to break or bend or feel the consequences of!

How do you find ways to make your heroes and heroines different in each book?

Well, I’m big on character. I really think character IS plot. So I start out with my hero and heroine before I write a work of any story. In the end their childhood experiences and goals will make them different people.

What do you have in the works?
I just had the first book in my “The Billingham Bastards” series hit the shelves yesterday. WHAT THE DUKE DESIRES should be on shelves everywhere right now! There are two books in the works to follow, THE UNCLAIMED DUCHESS in September 2010 and an untitled third book some time in 2011.


Simon Crathorne has never felt quite “right” in his own life. Even with his friends, he never fit. But now his father is dead and he has inherited the Dukedom, and all the responsibility that goes with it. And since his father was always known as a highly moral, upstanding man, Simon has big shoes to fill. Lillian Mayhew doesn’t buy the late Duke’s exalted reputation one bit. A lifetime of hearing her father talk about the man’s sins and seeing the torment her family endured at his hands has made her bitter and a final secret she discovered as her father lay dying has turned her bitterness to a drive to destroy the good name of the man she feels wronged her. No matter the price.

But when Simon and Lillian meet, sparks fly and passion erupts, leaving Lillian with an ugly choice. Can she abandon her quest for revenge, just as she is on the cusp of fulfilling her duty? Or will she betray a man whose past turns out to be a murky sea of lies and betrayals neither one could have ever anticipated? A man whose kiss could change her life forever.

For an excerpt hop on over to Jenna's website.


Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, Jenna! It's great to see you here. I downloaded a copy of What the Duke Desires on my Kindle this morning and can't wait to read it.

JennaPetersen said...

Awesome Keena! Aren't you traveling rght now? Hope you enjoy it!

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Jenna! Congrats on your newest release!

How do you get all those fantastic book covers?

JennaPetersen said...

Hi Susan, Avon's Art Department is completely responsible for that! They're just great! :)

Bethany said...

Hi Jenna,

I'm so happy that Paty had you stop by! I'm a huge fan of you (under both names!) I'm going to treat myself to the new release with my November paycheck. I also want to thank you for the passionate pen which is an awesome resource. How instrumental to your success do think the website has been?

JennaPetersen said...

Hi Bethany! You're so sweet! You know, I'm sure it hasn't hurt that so many aspiring authors are supportive thanks to Passionate Pen. I hope people keep buying the books because they enjoy them even if they pick up the first one just to support me because of Passionate Pen.

Lauri said...

Hi, Jenna. Thanks for talking with Paty today! Best wishes on What the Duke Desires. It sounds great! And thanks for the Passionate Pen, I've loved that site for years!

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi Paty and Jenna. what a great blog. I love to read regencies but I love to write the Old West LOL.

Congrats on your release, Jenna. And here's a hug for fantastic sales!

Catherine Bybee said...

Hi Jenna,

It's great to see you here. Once again, you're on my list of 'need to read'. Best of luck on this latest series.