Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Faves

This week has been interesting.

I've been research reading and I went through my CP's comments on the WIP so far. There wasn't any significant gain on it word wise.

I had company and spend some more time with one set of grandkids, which is always interesting. I remember my kids being a lot different and the same goes for my grandkids. Always interesting to see what traits they each picked up and how they interact. Rietta who will turn two next week is always running and keeping up with her older brothers. Though she'll point out her owies, when she gets one it doesn't slow her down. Then there's Zane happy-go-lucky one minute and teasing his siblings then swinging his fists and mad as a hatter the next when something doesn't go his way. And the oldest is easy-going and more sensitive than the other two. He likes to kid and joke around. Which his younger brother doesn't always take.

It's interesting just watching kids how much you can get to use to build characters for stories. I know I'm continually watching the people around me when I'm out in public. It's my petri dish for mixing traits and characteristics for characters.

Are you a people watcher? Where is your favorite spot to watch?

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