Sunday, January 10, 2010

Research etc.

We did a quick trip to Princeton to bring home the last load of hay. Since I hadn't put up a photo of where we moved the cabin to, I remembered to take a pic and here it is. The cabin looks happier in this spot than it did down in the middle of the open area. I think it likes snuggling up to the hillside. The plan is to get a bathroom built on in the next couple of months. It will depend on the weather. Our youngest daughter made the comment, "Mom, if you let Dad fix that up too nice he won't build you a house." Which is probably true, but I'd like to have an indoor toilet and shower this summer since I'll be spending longer periods of time. We'll have more ground under alfalfa so it will take longer to get it all watered.

Being there more, I should be able to get more writing done. Which is good because I intend to write three books this year. We'll see how that goes. All the books will require a good deal of research. I'm checking into the visitor hours for the Nez Perce museum in Lapwai, ID. I need to make a run up there and do research for the third book in the Spirit trilogy. I've been reading books written from the memories of Nez Perce who survived the flight to Canada. It's how I get myself into my characters and stories, reading real history to find tidbits to incorporate and to make my characters realistic.


Lauri said...

You're right, the cabin does look like it likes being snuggled up against the hill! Have fun out there writing! As long as there's indoor plumbing, that is. :)

gtyyup said...'ll get to ride more ;~)

Have you done research in the Western Reading Room at the Harney Co library? I've been wanting to go in and research the town of Princeton and see some of the old photos.

Paty Jager said...

Karen, I was int he Western Reading Room once last year looking up something... I can't remember what now. But it is a great reference library. I'll have to see what I can dig up about Princeton, too.

And yes, the more I"m there the more riding I should get done this summer! Yeah!!

Eunice Boeve said...

In the novel I'm working on now, I have a Nez Perce woman, although not a main character, of mixed blood who survived the Big Hole battle. I'd read several accounts of a white child (sometimes she's a woman) sighted with the Nez Perce and in one account, the girl is killed. I'll be interested in reading your stories.