Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wednesday Promo- Rogue's Angels

I'm pleased today to introduce you to three women I met twelve years ago when I joined Romance Writers of America. Their warmth, willingness to mentor, and openness drew me into the Mid-Willamette Valley RWA chapter. Welcome Genene Valleau, Christine Young, and CL Kraemer.



I was delighted when Christine Young asked me to contribute a story for an anthology. Her new e-publishing venture was just getting off the ground and I was honored to help make it soar!

This was my first novella, first anthology and first romantic comedy. As we moved through the process of publishing the anthology, I garnered a few more "firsts."

A friend at the local animal shelter asked if we would donate "write-in" parts in our stories--similar to cameo appearances on TV--for a benefit auction. I had recently worked at the shelter and adopted a number of dogs from there. This would be the first time to try something like this, but how could I say no?

This was the first time I had collaborated with other authors and planned promotion with others. Ironically, this was also my first published story that did not have a pet in it.

Our launch party for A VALENTINE'S ANTHOLOGY--my first one that wasn't online--was held at the local shelter. A dog who belonged to one of the staff drew names for our door prizes. The winner of the write-in parts attended with two of the three daughters who purchased it as a gift for their mother. (The other daughter is a veterinarian who was on call and had to perform an emergency surgery.) I saw friends I hadn't seen for awhile. Both of my adult sons were able to attend to support me. We sold books and I went home exhausted but pleased.

This first time was special for me and I guess Christine and C.L. had a great time also, because we've decided to do it again next year for St. Patrick's Day. Seconds, anyone?

Have you written a story for an anthology? What did you think of the process? How about books in your to-be-read stack or on your e-reader? Do those books include anthologies? Do you have a preference for shorter stories or full-length novels?

To checkout the Anthology visit Rouge Phoenix Press.


Nicole McCaffrey said...

I haven't participated in an anthology, but enjoy reading them. I do have them in my TBR pile. It's a great way to find a new author whose work you enjoy but may not be familiar with, or to try out a genre you haven't previously read.

Great post, ladies, I really enjoyed it!

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Nichole! And thanks for stopping by.

Glad you enjoy anthologies. A VALENTINE'S ANTHOLOGY has three very different stories: a faerie fantasy, a historical romance set during the Civil War, and a contemporary romantic comedy--all connected by Valentine's Day.

I also forgot to mention to Paty that we'll be giving away a print copy of A VALENTINE'S ANTHOLOGY to someone who stops by to say hello and leave a comment.

We had our launch party at the local animal shelter and had such a great time with one of the staff dogs drawing the names for our door prizes that I've decided to let my doggies draw today's winner. They may not have as much experience and finesse as the dog drawer at our launch, but they do have enthusiasm. In our first test drawing, my Ebbie was considering the pieces of paper by putting her paw on them. Then my terrier mix snatched that piece of paper and ran off to chew on it. I rescued it--only slightly mangled and wet. We'll see if their technique has improved today!

Alice Sharpe said...

Hi Genene --Nice blog. I haven't participated in an anthology by intent -- some of my books have been reissued in with others but I had nothing to do with it. Yours sounds like a lot of fun and I think you are wonderful for doing so much for our furry pals. You're my hero(ine).

I know this book will warm and amuse a lot of hearts!

J K Maze said...

What an interesting experience, and how fun to have a dog pick out the winners. A Valentine's Day anthology seems like the perfect way to present romance. I'd love to read the anthology.


Laurel Newberry said...

I love to read anthology collections (romance, sci-fi/fiction, mystery...) and always have at least one in my car, for those unexpected waits we mom's tend to encounter.
A couple of friends and I have been toying with the idea of an anthology for a while now, but so far it's only "in house" as it were. Makes for a fun exercise and way to get to know critique partners.

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Alice!

Aw, thanks, for kind words on the book and the kudos on helping out with the furbabies. But you know how I am about doggies. What I do for our furry friends feels like such a natural exchange for all the love and lessons I've received from them.

And now my algae eating fish wants in on the action. But that's a story for another time...

You have a really cool cover on your blog for an anthology. Is that a current release or one that's due out soon? If you haven't seen Alice's updated Web site and blog, it's beautiful! You can check it out at ***http://alicesharpe.blogspot.com/*** she also has some wonderful pictures of her dog. :)

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Joan!

I really have enjoyed the experience of participating in an anthology! I think it really helps that I was working with authors I respect and admire. It's so interesting that we each bring different perspectives and ideas to our stories and to promotion. I've had a great time!

And just for stopping by to comment, you'll have a chance to win our anthology, so you may get your wish. :)

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Laurel!

I hadn't thought of doing an anthology as a way to get to know critique partners. But it worked with Christine, C.L. and me, as we've been critique partners for quite some time with another writer. We just didn't intentionally put stories together for an anthology until this one. Hmm...

Great idea to read anthologies during those "waiting" times. And sometimes I don't want to take a big chunk of time to get immersed in a full-length novel, but I can get my reading "fix" from one of the shorter stories in an anthology because I read quickly.

So glad you stopped by to comment!

Caroline Clemmons said...

I like anthologies because it's a good way to find new authors whose books you'll love. Some friends and I got together and did a Civil War anthology and were pleased with the result. Our anthology, NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES was a Top Ten preditors and editors pick for 2009. Since we'd done the anthology just for fun to see "what if," we were thrilled with the response.

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Caroline! Congratulations on the success of your Civil War anthology! "What if" turned into something wonderful!

I definitely agree with you that anthologies are a good way to discover authors whose work you haven't read. Besides, getting more than one story in a book always feels like a bargain!

Thanks for stopping by!

Genene Valleau said...

Also wanted to let everyone know that our post will be at the top of Paty's blog for another day, so Paty suggested we wait to draw a winner of our anthology until Thursday.

That will give folks who don't get home from work until later some time to stop by, and will give my doggies more time to practice drawing a name without chewing it!

C. L. Kraemer said...

Hello all,

Sable Angel here. Genene wanted me to talk about how the Angels came to be. I guess I'm to blame for that event. When Genene, Christine and I got together to do the anthology, I realized how much we resembled the original "Charlie's Angels".

Genene [Amber Angel] is a strawberry blonde with a spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks; Christine [Allana Angel] is a beautiful athletic, platinum blonde and I'm [Sable Angel] a fluffy, short brunette. The resemblence was uncanny. My initial reaction was "Why not use the likeness?"

This was a marketing bonanza that just fell into our laps. So I broached Christine with the idea of "Rogue's Angels." It took. We decided being a little campy [we have wings!] would be fun and help people to remember 'those silly ladies who write books for Rogue Phoenix Press and wear wings.'

The fact Genene and Christine are fantastic writers [as well as our 4th Angel, Rosemary Indra - Cinnamon Angel,] is icing on the cake.

We'll be putting together a slide show that will be completely ketchy and we hope to release it on YouTube. If we can make a few folks giggle, and bring readers to the publishing house, we'll have accomplished a very large goal.

Well, I need to get back to work on my Dragon novel that started out life as a story in an anthology.

Keep your feathers dry.

Sable Angel

Genene Valleau said...

Ack! My doggies got totally sidetracked playing outside in the sunshine and led me astray! We forgot to draw the winner of a copy of A VALENTINE'S ANTHOLOGY until tonight. I'm totally embarrassed, so will toss in some chocolates to go with the book.

And now they are sidetracked by chewing on bones that were stuffed with peanut butter. Oh no, Batman just laid on them. Well, maybe Rascal will draw one. Ah, no. Just walking on them. Oh, here comes Batman again.

Yes! He's got a winner (barely chewed this time). And it's Alice Sharpe!

Alice, congratulations! And I'll get a copy of A VALENTINE'S ANTHOLOGY (plus chocolates) in the mail to you ASAP.