Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Faves

Let's see, right before the family descended for Easter last weekend, I received the edits for my contemporary Bridled Heart. So I've spent half my writing time this week working on the edits and the other half of my writing time researching for my next book. I put a call out for anyone who has traveled to the Guatemala area to contact me. I seriously need to "experience" what it is like to be in the Central American jungle so I can write this book. So if anyone reading this blog has been there... Please contact me!

I've been blogging once a month with the Wild Rose Press Cactus Rose Authors at the Cactus Rose blog. We've joined forces with the other historical writers at Wild Rose Press and now you can find me and all my fellow authors at the Historical Roses Blog.

My power point for the workshop I'm teaching tomorrow is done. My handouts are printed, and I've gathered together all the goodies I hand out at these things. (promotion you know)

Two of my fellow Central Oregon Writers Guild members are going with me to the Rose City Romance Readers Luncheon next Saturday. It should be a fun time. We can brainstorm on the drive there and back and have fun at the luncheon.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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