Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday Faves

This has been a quiet week other than my youngest daughter and her three arriving yesterday for the weekend.

A reader I met at the Romance Reader's Luncheon downloaded one of my books on her iPad at the luncheon. She e-mailed me this week to let me know she was a third of the way through it and couldn't put it down. She planned to get all my books. That e-mail went in my fan file!

I have a writer friend that is so excited about my latest WIP, she makes me smile every time we talk about it. Her enthusiasm will definitely keep me going through the whole book.

Last Saturday I spent the day with two writer friends. We get together about every 6 months. We thrift store shopped, gourmet food shopped, lunched, and shopped a used book store. It was a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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