Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Mulligan Stew

We all have "special" words we use over and over again when writing: just, look, then, turned, some, very, suddenly.

Word clutter. Words like “seemed” “began” and “tried” weaken what you’re trying to say, I mean saying.

The clean masculine smell of him seemed to surround her.
The clean, masculine smell of him surrounded her.

She took a moment to try and collect her thoughts.
She took a moment to collect her thoughts.

Other words that we have trouble deleting are the "ly" words. Suddenly, slowly, gently, rapidly, quickly. Using them once in a while is good but to have more than one or two a page, gets beastly. LOL

So what are your crutch words? The ones you use too often and have to cut?


M Pax said...

I lurves 'that'. Yup on then, began, try and seem. I also keep an eye on forms of 'to be'.

Just added try and began to my list. Thanks. :D

In the current chapter I am loving forms of 'to burn.' Gees, Mar, find another word. LOL

Lauri said...

I love wordles! And love how you used it! I never thought of that.