Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Faves

I logged on early this morning to do this post then started reading e-mails and responding, and then off to town I went to get groceries and eek! The day's half gone, and I forgot to post my Faves!

My biggest Fave this week was our speaker at the RWA chapter meeting last night. Harlequin Super Romance author Terry McLaughlin is a hoot and a half and she always has such down to earth comments about the writing business that I enjoy hearing the biz from her.

The online workshop I'm teaching is going well. Would like it better if there were less lurkers, but people can only do what is comfortable for them. I don't have a problem showing people my writing no matter the stage, but those darn perfectionists can't let things go.

Had a fun dinner with a friend this week. We hadn't caught up to one another all summer with our busy schedules.

Back in the WIP and still loving it!

A writer friend has given me the nudge to work on a short story for Harlequin Historical Undones. I actually came up with two ideas on my way to and from the meeting yesterday.

And I wish I could say 'Yeah' for the long weekend, but a long weekend means my hubby will be home extra days which means extra outside work! In our case Labor Day is exactly that! LOL

Hope you all have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

** The picture is my grandson Zane in his "shades" I fashioned from wax sticks the kids were given to play with in a restaurant in Canada.

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Lauri said...

Great faves! I can't wait to hear your Undone ideas!