Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Farm Fun- Winter

The snowiest day so far
We had a white Christmas. Most of the snow came down all in one day. The dogs enjoy rolling in it and the cows hide from is under the juniper trees.

We don't believe in coddling the horses so they are out int he field doing what horses for generations have done to find food in the winter, pawing through the snow to get to the  grass. The field has lots of tall grass so once they get the snow brushed away they come up with mouthfuls of food. In face, Bud stays just as fat int he winter scavenging for hay as he does in the summer eating hay. He is an easy keeper and now that everyone is dewormed they are all healthy and I'm discovering easy keepers.

Bud eating under a full moon
Feeding the cows in the winter is a cold project.We use the old John Deere tractor to pull a trailer loaded with 800 lb bales. One bale per feeding. We feed out through the junipers so anyone playing passenger on the trailer has to duck snow covered limbs and face the bracing, cold wind. Our granddaughters are continually asking me if it's time to feed yet. They not only like to ride on the trailer but they also want to trek through the snow to the barn to feed the heifers and steers their hay and grain.

I enjoy feeding in the winter as long as I can keep the hose we use to fill water tanks drained well. If I have to deal with a frozen hose, I get cranky. It wastes my time lugging it to a warm place to thaw out and finally water.
fog rolling in over the field 

What is your favorite or not so favorite thing about winter?


Stephanie said...

50' of frozen hose in the bath tub isn't fun. I broke down and bought one of those collapsable hoses for the pens by the barn. If it works, I'll be a hero. I'm not holding my breath.

Paty Jager said...

Stephanie, I have a 100' hose I have to wait for it to warm up to water with.