Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Mystery- The Career Criminal

The career criminal may be someone with antisocial behavior. They blame everyone else for their problems and why they do what they do.

Criminal behavior has four basic characteristics: irresponsibility  self-indulgence, interpersonal intrusiveness, and social rule-breaking.  What causes people to a life of crime could be any of these four characteristics combined with mental illness and these:
Low Intelligence
Poor Parenting
Hyperactivity, which can be traced to a medical condition
Stimulation Seeking
Learning Disorders
Any untreated disability or one not coped with well

You can't be born a criminal. But add mental illness to any of the above factors and you have the "evolution of a criminal".

As a writer this is something to think about while molding your "criminals or murderers". Make up a background that would be the makings of a criminal. Have his life continue to cause him misfortune until he fits the mold of a career criminal.

Victor Lustig the man who helped dump $134 million counterfeit dollars into the American market of Al Capone had what he called the "Commandments of Con":
1. Be a patient listener.
2. Never look bored.
3. Have the same political views as the victim.
4. Hold the same religious views as the victim.
5. Talk about sex.
6. Avoid the subject of illness.
7. Never pry into the victim's private affairs.
8.Never boast.
9.. Never be untidy.
10. Never get drunk.

Source: The Howdunit Series: Malicious Intent- a writer's guide to how murders, robbers, rapists and other criminals think by Sean Mactire

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