Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Resolve 2013: Give More, Get More

For the next nine days, a group of my favorite author friends and I will be helping each other with one of our New Year's resolutions. (Special thanks to Jessie for suggesting this to us!)  Each resolution is different. Mine is about volunteering.  I have a penchant for volunteering, sometimes it can become a problem.  So, each of nine writers will be guest posting on my blog about this resolution and their approach or ideas. After the other eight authors have posted, I will wrap up with how I'm going to make my volunteer resolution work for me. In turn, I will be posting on each of their blogs to help with their resolutions too.  The list of writers and resolutions is at the end of this blog.  I hope you check each author’s blog every day.  I suspect some of these resolutions are on your list too.

Today I have the talented and witty, Jessa Slade talking about one of my favorite resolutions- volunteering. 

Resolve 2013: Give More, Get More

I’m pretty good at saying no. I’m not one of those over-achieving martyrs who gets a thrill out of saying yes to every project and every committee. I know my limits and I always try to leave some free space for emergencies. And yet…

The truth is, I’ve discovered that while the devil favors idle hands, the universe seems to shine its generous light on the busy. The more I say yes, the more the universe says yes to me and offers me more opportunities. I realize in a way, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy: The more I am “out there,” the more I can be found by opportunity. But I’m trying to make sure those opportunities are always moving me in the right direction, toward greater self-awareness and what I consider a better world.

I’ve always given back to my writing communities through volunteering and 2013 will be no different. My suggestions for volunteering:

1. The world is a bottomless well of need. Find the thing that floats your boat and you will undoubtedly float someone else as well.
2. If no one else wants to help with something, ask yourself whether that thing is truly valued. Maybe it’s something that should fade away.
3. Know YOUR limits. You can only give so much and still give your best.

And remember, the universe and your fellow woman thank you for volunteering!

How many flaming bowling balls, lawn mowers and cockatoos can you juggle at once? Please share in comments.

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pollidog said...

Jessa, I like what you say about knowing your limits. Sage advice.

Jessa Slade said...

Truth is, it's the first day of 2013 and I'm already past my limits ;) Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

Anonymous said...

My juggling skills have gotten worse as I've gone past the age of 40. No I am not 100, in spite of what some people say! Unless you add my previous life to the total. :)

I think your statement that "the world is a bottomless well of need" is so true and it is better to choose one need (small or large) and devote to that than to choose 15 and hardly have any time for any of them.

Jessie said...

You had me at... "I’m pretty good at saying no." I need to know your secret.