Sunday, January 06, 2013

Resolve 2013: Volunteerism

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Today I have Cassiel Knight another author who is also a friend  We first met when she was president of an RWA chapter I was visiting. She has a welcoming presence and can keep a room full of women under control. 

I love volunteering – too much. If I had to have a resolution around volunteering, it would be about saying no. But I’m good with it because I love to be involved.

But, this is a post about volunteerism as a New Year’s resolution. In our full lives, it’s hard to think about adding anything extra. Certainly, volunteering is a balancing act between your writing, your family, your day job and taking care of yourself.

So, how do you fit in volunteering? Here’s a quote from a favorite movie of mine, Evan Almighty. When Evan asks God how he’s supposed to change the world, God answers with “one random act of kindness at a time.”

That’s it. All you have to do is one random act (no matter how small) of volunteerism at a time. Whatever you do will be important and you’ll still benefit. Volunteering doesn’t mean you have to go grand scale but just get involved in whatever fashion suits you best. Those of us who run volunteer events appreciate whatever we can get—truly.

You’ll get far more from volunteering than you have to give—I guarantee it.

Have a fantastic 2013!

Cassiel Knight resides in the beautiful, and evergreen, state of Oregon with her husband of over 20 years and two female Shih Tzus, which are her children in every sense of the word. When she isn't editing, writing or reading (and that is most of the time), she can be found playing with her Shih Tzus, gardening (when the weather permits and sometimes when it doesn't) and cooking fancy meals as long as someone else does the dishes. She writes paranormal romances with kick-assitude that blend archeology and mythology—just a few of her favorite things—for Samhain Publishing, Lyrical Press and Champagne Book Group.

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Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

This is great advice, Cassie. I can handle "one random act of a kindness at a time" in my life.

You DO volunteer a lot. I once went to a writers workshop where they said the #1 thing you have to do is NOT volunteer. It takes away from your writing time. That was the year I decided to become President of RCRW. I guess I didn't learn the lesson.

However, balance is important. If you over commit then it means something else has to give. It's hard to know exactly where that balance is, but I think most of us figure it out after a year or two to skewed in one direction.

Jessa Slade said...

It's hard to balance between maintaining your boundaries and opening your heart. Too far either way can be a problem.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Cassiel, what a beautiful name! I had to step back from volunteering too much. As you said, we must find a sensible balance. I love the quote you used from Evan Almighty and copied it.

Jessie said...

You are the Queen of volunteering :-)

Tanya Hanson said...

I'm a horrible time manager. I was awesome when I taught full time while raising kids, especially when my firefighter hubby was on a brushfire for a week...but since the kids are grown now and I quit teaching, I really struggle to be organized. I try to help out at our horse rescue, but the distance and back spasms lately have precluded a regular schedule, but I think part of it is the above weakness in time management LOL.

Blessings to all of you with your releases and your resolutions.

Anonymous said...

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