Monday, September 16, 2013

Box Set Prize Day!

Today is the second set of prizes I'm giving to promote the 9 Ways to Fall in Love box set.  All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment with your email on this blog or head over to the Southern Romance blog and fill out the contest sign-up.

The prize today is a print copy of my contemporary western romance, Bridled Heart and western themed chocolate bars.  You can't go wrong with a good read and chocolate!

Here is the excerpt for Bridled Heart
A specialized placement schedule and self-imposed vow of celibacy keeps ER nurse, Gina Montgomery, from getting too close to anyone.  Music is her only solace and release from a past laced with abuse.  But when that music draws the attention of a handsome bareback rider, her chosen solitary life—not to mention her vow—gets tested to the limits. 

Holt Reynolds let his younger sister down when she needed him most.  With the similarities to his sister far too evident in Gina, he can’t get the woman out of his head, or her poignant music out of his heart.  But how can he find a way to free her bridled heart before the past resurfaces to destroy their one chance at happiness?

And if you purchase the box set you will receive my ebook, Secrets of a Mayan Moon along with 8 other romance novels  9 Ways to Fall in Love for $.99. That's 9 romance ebooks in various genres that you get for only $.99!  

Excerpt from Secrets of a Mayan Moon:
She deposited her backpack on the floor at her feet. The horn handle of a twelve inch Guatemalan blade protruded from the side pocket. Tino’s curiosity spiked another notch.

“I have a reservation. Dr. Isabella Mumphrey.”

Tino snapped the paper down and stared even harder at the woman. This was the frumpy, old anthropologist he was to guide? His gaze scanned the length of her one more time while tuning in the conversation.

“Ahh, Dr. Mumphrey, Dr. Martin said you were to get the finest room, no?” The clerk acted like a simpering fool giving the doctor her key and expounding on all the wonders of the hotel.

“Gracias. May I borrow a paper and pencil? I need to make a list for the taxi driver.”

The clerk handed her the items. She stepped to the side of the counter and began writing.

Why would she make a list for a taxi driver? Curious, Tino folded the paper and strolled to a spot beside her. So intent on her list, she didn’t even acknowledge his presence as he leaned, reading the items. Army knife, candle, braided fishing line, hooks, swivels, 24 gauge snare wire…

“You are planning a trip into the jungle, no?”

She started at his voice. Deep green eyes rimmed in gold stared at him from behind wire-rimmed lenses. She blinked, focused on him, and narrowed her eyes.

“Didn’t your mother teach you manners? You don’t look over people’s shoulders to see what they’re doing.” She picked up her list and held it to her damp shirt.

“Mi mamá did teach me manners, no? I am Tino Kosta, your guide to the dig at Ch’ujuña.” He held out his hand waiting for her to shake.

Her gaze traveled from his extended hand up his arm to his face. She squinted her eyes and glared at him.

“You’re not of Mesoamerican descent, so you can’t possibly be my guide. Are you in cahoots with the disgusting little man who stole my property?” She bent toward her backpack, giving him a good view down the front of her blouse.

Si, she didn’t wear a bra. The nipples peaking through her clingy shirt sat atop a palm-sized mound. Now, being a man who liked his hands filled to overflowing when it came to handling a woman—

“¡Carajo!” The pointed end of the large knife that had been tucked in the doctor’s backpack waved inches from his nose. 

“What is this about?” A woman who ran around without undergarments shouldn’t be offended by a man viewing her body.



Stacy McKitrick said...

You sold me on Secrets of a Mayan Moon (I saw your post on another blog a few days ago). I like action adventure films, and your excerpt hooked me. It's now on my Nook and will probably get read when I go on vacation next week. Can't wait!

Paty Jager said...

Stacy, Thank you! If you enjoy the book, please leave a review on the site where you purchased it.