Monday, May 12, 2014

Oregon Coast Anniversary Trip

My hubby and I and Tink made the four hour trip to the Oregon Coast for our 35th anniversary over the weekend. We didn't make reservations and took our time, wandering along and stopping when and where we felt like.

We left after hubby got off work on Friday and made it as far as Salem. We spent the night in the pet friendly La Quinta hotel. Tink liked the grassy potty spot. ;)

Viewpoint on hwy 101
The next morning we headed to Tillamook. Hubby will start a new job in Princeton in July working for a dairy farm in Tillmook. Confusing? The dairy bought three irrigation pivots(100 acres each) for alfalfa in Princeton next door to our property. They have asked my husband to manage the raising, cutting, and baling of the alfalfa so they can take their rating of #6 in the nation to #1 by feeding highly nutritious alfalfa hay to their cows.

After visiting with the dairy, we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. They have a viewing are where you can watch their products being made and packaged. There is also a store to purchase their products, a gift shop, ice cream shop, and a sandwich shop.
Tidal Rave at Depot Bay

From there we headed south along highway 101 taking our time and stopping at view points and places of interest. We had lunch in Depot Bay in a restaurant on the edge of the ocean. It had a fabulous seafood menu. The funny thing is hubby and I aren't seafood people, but while on the coast we had some.

Shark tank tunnel at Aquarium.
From there we went on down to Newport. Found a pet friendly hotel the Hallmark. Not only were they pet friendly with wonderful ground floor rooms with a sliding door only ten feet from a pet area, but they gave us a bag with a doggy water bottle, frisbee(much too big for Tink but Molly likes it), dog treats, and a sheet to use on the bed and a towel to wipe her feet when we came in from the beach. We had a gorgeous view. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is on the bay. We went through that and then of course walked the historic bay district.

Tufted Puffins at Aquarium
After that we went back to the hotel and walked a mile or better along the beach letting Tink romp and play. For dinner that night we walked to a small restaurant called the Deep End. It had delicious food and a nice view of the ocean.

Sunday we woke, took another long stroll on the beach, ate breakfast and headed home. Again at a leisurely pace. Stopping in a small town we'd both been curious about and then meeting friends for lunch in Lebanon. It was a fun trip and now the hard part begins. Packing for our move.

Setting sun from our hotel room


Rain Trueax said...

Great photos of the Oregon Coast. that is my stretch of it when I get down there which isn't nearly often enough considering we are only 50 miles from it-- 30 if we could fly :)

Good luck on adjusting to the smaller space. Sounds like it'll be worth the work and hassle now.

Paty Jager said...

Thanks Rain! It was just what we needed before all the chaos started.

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on my blog feed. Looks like it was an absolutely beautiful time at the coast. Again, very happy anniversary!