Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Fun has Begun!

We broke ground for our new house.  The man we contracted to do the foundation is giving us sweat equity. In other words, my hubby has been working side-by-side with the man as the concrete forms were built. Hubby also dug the hole for the foundation. Yesterday and today we (hubby and I) filled in and leveled the area so the rebar can be set in the forms tomorrow.

Tuesday the forms will be inspected and Wednesday we'll be pouring concrete.

All but one section leveled and ready.
The other fun I'm having is deciding on doors and flooring. We already planned to make all the inside doors. We had steel doors in our last house and I didn't like them. The paint had to be redone too often. The lumber company where we're getting our lumber suggested fiberglass, but hubby wants the outside doors to be 42 inches and there are only a few styles that are made that wide. So I've been going back and forth between a fiberglass door with an oval window but is solid without a wood-grain look, or a knotty alder wood door without a window but looks rustic. Decisions!

While the grandkids were here, I picked out three floor colors I like and had them walk across the samples with dusty feet to see which one hid the dust. We called it an experiment.  The lightest color we couldn't
see the footprints, the medium colored on we could barely see the footprints and the darkest the prints showed up. Then hubby sprinkled dirt over the samples. The dirt showed up on the light and dark but blended with the medium colored sample. I'm now trying to decided between the light or medium colored and how it will blend with the other fun I've been having...

The cabinets! I've picked the style, again, kind of rustic looking. I'm sure I'm going with knotty alder because I love the knots. The next question is what color do I want on them? I have to get the samples of the flooring again and take them to the store with the cabinets and see what will work best.

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