Thursday, January 05, 2017

Finding Flaws for Characters

I'm currently working on a short contemporary western for an anthology. I gave the heroine a unique flaw. She is dyslexic.

It's interesting that the idea to pick this problem for my character came several years ago. I've had the idea in a folder. Now I have even more facts about dyslexia because I have a granddaughter with the disorder.

I wanted to make the heroine strong in that while she has struggled to read she has till made it on her own. I also gave her a background of being a foster child who went from home to home which never gave a teacher or foster parent enough time with her to figure out her problem.  It of course took a toll on her self-confidence but she found a job and place to live where she didn't need to read. And she found ways to overcome her problem.

Along with her flaw and insecurities, I've given her strength and purpose. She's content with where she's at even though she does have money stashed to hopefully someday have her own boarding stable. It's dream she uses to keep herself optimistic she won't be a stable hand her whole life.

That is until she runs into a man who gives her hope that she could have a normal life and work in a job that is more than scooping poop and grooming horses.

 Catch the Rain will be out in an Anthology in June. Stay tuned to find out how to get the anthology.

Catch the Rain
Contemporary Western Romance

Zach MacDonald is the new veterinarian in town. He’s focusing on his career...Until he sees a frustrated, pretty, young woman at a bar on karaoke night. Not only does her voice and violet eyes mesmerize him, but her behavior intrigues him.

Kitty Baxter is running from her past and dreams of becoming more than her education will allow. When that past catches up to her on the same night she connects with a handsome man way out of her league, she finds herself championed by the stranger and believing he cares. But just like trying to read is like trying to catch the rain, she struggles with allowing herself to believe she is worthy of love. 

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