Monday, January 02, 2017

Guest- Brenda Whiteside

Christmas and Politics. Joy and Jeopardy. Love and Murder. That’s how it all comes together in my latest release, book four of the Love and Murder Series, The Power of Love and Murder.

I have to confess one thing—I was a series newbie when I decided to write the Love and Murder Series. And being a newbie, I didn’t plan properly. I’ve made a few boo-boo’s along the way, but I won’t point them out because maybe no one will notice. In the end, it’s been fun and turned out great. The series books are getting their share of four and five star reviews.

One of my unplanned successes was this latest book, The Power of Love and Murder. This is book four in what I thought would be a three-book series. Two of my characters thought otherwise, and books four and five had to be written. As it turns out, and quite by accident on my newbie part, this book deals with politics during the holiday season. Perfect timing, right?

It’s December in Flagstaff, Arizona. There is snow on the ground and joyful holiday preparations all around Penny Sparks. But December is a sad month for her. And that’s where the story begins.

For thirteen years, Penny Sparks has managed to hide from the political powers who murdered her family. When she unwittingly exposes her true identity, not only is she marked for death, but the people closest to her risk meeting the same fate.

Jake Winters is out of rehab and coming to grips with his demons. When he meets his sister’s roommate, Jake believes Penny might be that someone who can help him find life after rock star status…until her secrets blow up his world.

With a government agent turned hit man closing in on her, Penny and Jake race to expose the presidential contender behind the murders of her family. Even if they win the race with death, the murder that stands between them could end their hope for a new life.

The Power of Love and Murder released worldwide on December 21, 2016, and is available in both print and eBook.


Brenda and her husband are gypsies at heart having lived in six states and two countries. Currently, they split their time between the pines of Northern Arizona, the desert of Southern Arizona, and the RV life. Wherever she roams, she spends most of her time writing stories of discovery, suspense, and the tangled relationships of life.

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Word Actress said...

Sounds like a page turner Brenda! And I love that you and your husband are gypsies! I did the RV thing for a while too. So much easier to keep clean than this big house I'm living in now!I'm a little jealous but only in the best way!!!

Brenda Whiteside said...

And I miss having a house once in a while. I'd love to have both. Maybe some day. Thanks for stopping in.