Monday, February 19, 2018

Catch the Rain

My novella that started from a phrase in a song and has a dyslexic heroine and a veterinarian for the hero is now available at all ebook vendors!

Earlier this week on a reader author group I'm in they asked the question do you find yourself or people you know written into your characters. My answer was yes, I can't help but put my observations and knowledge into the books I write.

This book is a bit of that. I have a dyslexic granddaughter. Learning her problems and how my daughter and son-in-law have worked to help her cope, and her struggles before the disorder was discovered, gave me some insight into the disorder and how it feels to have the problem. 

I also decided to have a veterinarian in the book because, 1) my granddaughter was happiest when with her animals, because she didn't have to read.  So I made my heroine work in a horse stable and have a knack at doctoring animals. My daughter is a vet tech, so she could help me with all the details to the vets job and how my heroine could help him.

Here is the blurb for Catch the Rain, a steamy contemporary western romance novella.

Running from her past, Kitty Baxter catches a glimpse of her future—if she’s brave enough to believe in herself and the kind-hearted stranger who claims she deserves love. 

Focused on setting up his new veterinarian practice, Zach MacDonald becomes sidetracked by a karaoke singing beauty with a secret. He sees what others do not and becomes determined to make Kitty see that anyone can learn to catch the rain.

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