Sunday, March 04, 2018

Authors are Nothing Without Readers

Thirty years ago when I began my pursuit of a writing career, I had college professors who helped me hone my writing craft.  But it was a friend reading one of my assignments -- a procedural paper on How to Make a Ham Sandwich, and exclaiming, "That just made me hungry!"  That kept me going.

Later when I had human interest stories in the local papers and when people learned who I was said, "I enjoyed your story about..." I was spurred on to find more stories to write for the papers.

When I joined RWA - Romance Writers of America.  It was getting feedback and being a finalist in contests that kept be writing. Someone- usually a published author or editor liked my writing enough to put me in the top of the pile.

After becoming published, it was readers sending me emails and talking to me at booksignings asking when I'd be writing this book or that, which kept me putting out more books in my historical western series.

This week I have been humbled by the reviews that have been left for my recent Shandra Higheagle Mystery, Artful Murder.

Review snippets:

"Once you read one book, you will be hooked!"

"This is a wonderful mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. I strongly encourage you to read the book."

"This was a really good installment in the Shandra series; it was an excellent mystery, and I liked that Shandra and Ryan are becoming more comfortable with each other. This book is highly recommended!"

"I have read all the books in this series and I have never been disappointed. I have never been able to predict the murderer!"

"Her characters are well rounded and the mysteries are well written with lots of twist and turns. I didn't have this one figured out at all and was surprised at the end."

"They pull you in and you can't wait to see what happens next. Can't wait for the next book."

"Ten books in and this series is still great!"

"Many twists and turns. You won't be able to stop reading."

"This was a well-written, entertaining book."

THIS is why I continue to write books. To entertain readers with the stories that entertain me as I write them. 

Book ten in the Shandra Higheagle Mystery Series

Secrets… Scandal… Murder…

An autistic boy and his brother need potter Shandra Higheagle’s help when a teacher’s body is found after a confrontation with the older brother. Shandra knows the boy is innocent. Digging into the teacher’s life, she and Ryan turn up scandal.

Detective Ryan Greer has believed in Shandra’s dreams in the past, but she can’t always be right. When his investigation uncovers a principal on the take, females being harassed, and parents kept in the dark, he discovers more suspects than the brothers. Shandra’s time at the school is coming to an end, and the killer has struck again.

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