Saturday, June 11, 2005

CowPaty....That's me!

I had to laugh when Becky apologized for calling me CowPaty. My husband has called me that since we met. When we were dating there was a song out called Cow Patty. And my daughter set up my hotmail account as Hihocowpaty. So don't sweat it Becky - I'm used to being called a cow! :) And I don't mind as long as "old" isn't in front of it!

Got the kids and grandkid off on the plane this afternoon. Now to await the arrival of my dad and uncle and get them on their way to Nebraska. Then I can get back to writing! I'm starting to get the shakes and snap at my husband!

Chris sent me an e-mail that Awe-Struck -the e-book publisher is actively seeking books to fill two more slots in 2006 and all of the 2007 slots. I'm thinking of trying to send a couple of my older rejects, but it would mean taking time away from what I'm working on now to add the things I've learned since I wrote them and polishing them. If I didn't have fair and nationals looming over me, I would drop what I was doing and work on them, but I want Forever My Mountain finished and the next two of the trilogy flushed out for Nationals and I have to put in more hours at the 4-H office here on out. I want to have a contract in my hand before the year is out and e-books may be my best option, but I don't want to risk my chance with the trilogy either. ARGH!!!

Is there something stronger than Calgon to take away stress?? Can you soak in martinis???

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the Blog. Hang in there girl, your writing is going to take you places you wish to go!