Thursday, November 17, 2005

Golden Heart

I'm sending my first entry to the Golden Heart RWA contest. A good friend and critique partner has read it all the way through and given me some things to look at and work on before I send it off.

I had always thought this was a contest for the elite or those about to be published. Then we received the e-mail they have all 1000 entries and won't take any more! So it isn't the elite, but merely writers who want to pay their $50 to try for the coveted Golden Heart pendant and the chance to catch an editor or agent's attention.

The funny thing is one of my CP's sent in an entry in the same category as me. We have been critiquing each other's story and not even knowing we would be entering the same contest. It will be fun to see how we do and if our critiquing helps.

Better get back to that entry it has to go in the mail before Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome for you! Good luck and I hope all goes just the way you want it!!!

It could be you in Altanta walking across that stage to accept your award!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Good luck, chica!