Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It's hard to write today after the rejection yesterday. It wasn't an agent I really wanted, but to have her say " There was much to love-BUT" kind of makes me wonder if I'm spinning my wheels working on the second one.

I've been kicking it around to ask the agent who has the full if she thinks it would sell better to put the three together as an epic saga. At Nationals that was what the editors said they were looking for. Epic Sagas. I don't have a generation of characters, but I have spirits who span over one hundred years. I would think that would make it epic. Maybe get my foot in the door of something new coming along.

Since I'm not writing, I'm vacuuming the stairs! Hah! I know how to have fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh Paty, sorry about the reject. I mean sorry that the reject rejected, I mean sorry about the rejection. Whew! LOL Okay, enough silliness.

You have such a good attitude. Just like your "about me" thingy on your blog says, "If you say I can't - I'll prove you wrong." That's SO YOU!

The whole epic saga sounds like a good plan.

Don't get down about the rejection. She was right, it is a flooded market. It's overwhelming to go to the book store and try to find the right book, there are so many. Unfortunately many of them are crap and still they get published. It's just going to take the best editor to recognize talent and then buy that talent. I know you won't give up. That's not in your chemical and physical makeup. What a great trait to possess.

Keep writing from your heart and gut and you'll get there. In the meantime, just keep enjoying the ride. It's incredible that you've finished as many novels as you have. Think of all the people in the world who never accomplish what you have accomplished, myself included. It really is quite a feat!

You (continue) to GO GIRL!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

Hang in there, Paty. When one agent says 'no' move on to the next one. We all know this business is subjective. You never know who's waiting around the corner...they could very well be the one screaming, "YES!"