Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy Week

I have a busy week coming up. I blogged over at the chapter blog today, I'll be zipping over to Salem tomorrow for the monthly chapter meeting. Then Thursday, I have lunch with a friend and then speak at the Redmond Writers meeting, and Friday, I'm chatting with an online readers group to promote Perfectly Good Nanny.

And I'm still on piglet watch. Star hasn't had her babies yet and today is her due date. She looks like she could have twenty, but she only has spigots for eleven! The other piglets are growing and getting out! They made a hole to squeeze out of and run all over down around the hay stack and barn area. When I go to feed they all come running up to me. If they don't all make it back into the pen for the feed, I catch them and lift them over, but they are starting to get so big I can't lift them very well.

It's been raining off and on the last couple of days which means I should get a lot done in the writing and editing area, since I can't do some of the outside things I'd planned.

What exciting do you have planned for this week?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

So tell me Paty.. what do you do in your spare time???? LOL. We have a cool, rainy very fall like day today and it's been another good writing day for me.

Hope yours went just as well!