Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Five

Howdy! Well, we're back. Walked over the property in Princeton we have an offer on and still like it and see the possibilities. It's 280 acres and it took us three hours (walking) to go up over the back hill and check out the view and the fence lines. I still think it's awesome. We chased up a buck, two does, and a fawn and several covey of quail as well as smelled a skunk and nearly fell in several badger holes! Luckily no snakes, and Tink had a great time chasing the rabbits twice her size.

My Friday Five- hmm... I guess it would be five things that happened or will happen this week.

1- I received an awesome review from Fallen Angel Reviews last Saturday.

2- I've been keeping up on my 100 day challenge that the EBO Eli inflicted upon us at our Blog.
(total words so far 4880) check out the blog: MWVRWA. blog

3- A T-shirt I ordered with my next book cover on the front arrived and is awesome!

4- I received another great review. This time from Two Lips Reviews.

5- Tomorrow I'm attending the Mary Buckham all day workshop and visiting with my fellow authors for the librarian conference.

How was your week? Do you have something fun to look forward to?

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Right now I'm looking forward to Monday -- my first full week of "school days", and getting some work done. I've been working hard on finishing the last scenes of The Model Man and plan to devote those six precious hours of quiet time a week to working on it until it's done.

Maybe someday I'll be a multi-pubbed famous author like you!