Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Thank you everyone who has read my blog, purchased my books, or just gave support in kind words this past year. I appreciate you all.

This past year I had the last book of the Spirit trilogy published through The Wild Rose Press and self published two books. It's been a good year for me meeting new people and making more friends.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is when my younger brother and I used stuffed animals to perform the poem "The Night Before Christmas." We worked for a couple weeks making costumes for the stuffed animals, making a stage and props, then reading the poem over and over as we decided who would work which animal and depict which parts. Using string and sticks we made the ones with movable parts into puppets.

Christmas eve we called the family up to my bedroom where we set up the stage and I read the poem as the puppet stuffed animals came to life.

It had nothing to do with receiving presents, but giving my family a fun time. That to me is the best reason to celebrate Christmas. Gathering family and friends together and enjoying your time together.

Have a wonderful Christmas and happy healthy New year! 

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