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Resolve 2013: Something’s Gotta Give

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Today I have the giving and caring Jamie Brazil on my blog talking about volunteering. 

 author: Jamie Brazil title: Something’s Gotta Give 

Like many women, I often put my own needs last.  Recently, I began clawing back hours of my life.  How? By withdrawing from many outside obligations, including some of my volunteer activities.

I belong to two nonprofit organizations.  Both groups are equally important to me and giving up either one of them would leave a hole in my life.  Yet last month, I debated a long time over whether or not to renew one of these memberships.  In the end I did renew, but with a condition.  I made a promise to myself to step down from a position, and for the remainder of this year I cannot, WILL NOT,  volunteer.  For anything.  While I know organizations count on members to move the group forward, personally, 2012 felt like I fell behind.

An old Chinese proverb says, do not empty your bowl to overfill another’s
If my rice bowl had a gas gauge it would be running on fumes. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor.)

Cutting back on the ways I volunteer is just one of the ways I’ve resolved to save time.  Watching less TV, skipping some family events, and setting limits on the hours I spend online are also on the list. Because in order to be the writer I envision myself to be, I need to focus.   

Just because I’m cutting back doesn’t mean I’m moving into a cave. While I might not judge writing contest entries this year, I’ll still swap pages with critique partners, and host a literary salon or two. It’s all about choosing ways to participate without feeling like I’m putting my own goals last.

For 2013 I’m looking for balance.  My goal? All rice bowls don’t have to be overflowing if there’s enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.  

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pollidog said...

Thanks for having me on your blog today.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, you hit the nail on the head (or in my case whupped me on the side of the head) with this one. I have a hard time saying "no" and then over commit. This is an important lesson you are teaching/learning. Thanks for this post.

I love your quote "An old Chinese proverb says, do not empty your bowl to overfill another’s."

Jessie said...

You are the 2nd person who has said that they cut back on TV watching... I want to have that resolution but I'm addicted to so many shows :-(

I admire your self will.

Anonymous said...

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