Friday, January 04, 2013

Resolve 2013: To Volunteer Or Not To Volunteer, That Is The Question

The first time I met my guest, she was so warm, friendly, and helpful that I became a fan before she had a published book. She always has a smile and kind words. And her posts shows that side of her. 

Susan Lute

I'm one of those kids who believes what goes around, comes around; put up or shut up; good will overcome sloth. And yes, I was raised by a Marine. Idle hands were not welcome.
Like Jessa, I have found that volunteering, whether it's for the writing community, or for a cause I believe in, like literacy, it has always brought great rewards. No one would believe this now, but not that many years ago I was a shy mouse who had to force herself out of the corner when participating in groups. Determined to get over that shyness I volunteered to be president of Rose City Romance Writers. All right I was voted in, but the truth is, the Universe was kind and I got way more than overcoming a little shyness.
So, I encourage you - volunteer. When you do, pick something you have a passion about. More often than not you'll get more out of the experience than you put into it. And surprise, you'll make interesting friends along the way. Also remember the other side of the coin. Don't take on more than you can handle. Remember, work less, play more...that's the resolution I'm sharing this year.
Do you have a chance to volunteer? What do you think?
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pollidog said...

I've only known you for a couple years Su, but I've never thought of you as shy.

Jessa Slade said...

Pollidog, I do vaguely remember her being quiet. Not anymore though ;)

I like the go-for-it Susan. She is doing so much now, and I think the universe is rewarding her for stepping out of her shell. Go, Susan!

Anonymous said...

You were the President, Susan, when I joined the local chapter. Though you were fine in front of the group and kept everyone organized, I know it was your inherent "shyness" that actually made me feel comfortable at the meetings. I never felt you were going to insist I be someone I'm not. It was also your fault (I mean gift) that I became President next.

Volunteering to support writers is a great thing to do, whether through a chapter, a club, or simply reading their books and writing honest reviews. Anyone can do it. Just find your spot.

Evelyn Bohn said...

I don't know you, Susan, but you sound really nice. I have to admit I don't really volunteer anywhere. I guess between work and friends and lots of books it just never crosses my mind. Now you've made me think about it because of this blog.

Anonymous said...

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